Many a times we wonder that what if you just hum a song and there you get all the information about it. It happens when we have such an urgent need or desire to hear a particular song and we calm down only when we finally have heard that particular song. Songs are undoubtedly a lifeline for maximum people.  The way they people feel connected with the song, express their emotions in terms of songs and even for fun loving people songs are a very important part.  The app Soundhound  is designed taking in consideration all those who are crazy behind music.

 Using this app you just have to hum a song and every single information of that song will be displayed in addition with the song playing. This is like a dream come true. Now no mre tedious work of copying lyrics , searching for songs etc. just a hum and there you go.

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  1. This app senses hums or any kind of music from a distance of even one and a half feet.
  2. Apart from songs it could also recognize ads or melodies and fetch information for the same.
  3. It provides us recent updates of our favourite artists.
  4. You just have to tap , then hum and your work is done.
  5. You can easily save the songs in a playlist and discover more.
  6. You can easily share any song or album on social networking sites.
  7. You can search songs according to the category you wish.
  8. Another feature is you can instantly buy songs from google playstore.
  9. You can control the jukebox, touch tunes and play your favourite music.
  10. You can learn about the release dates of the song or album and composer’s history also.


To install Soundhound for PC you will need an android simulator, there are many simulators available for windows and mac . Amongst them the most suggested and recommended simulator for this is BLUESTACK. Bluestack is an android simulator for PC through which you will be able to run Soundhound for PC and Laptops. Below are the steps to install Soundhound for PC and laptops:

  1. Download and install the bluestack from its official website.
  2. Let the bluestack download all the files for the complete installation.
  3. After the complete installation move to search box of bluestack and search for the SOUNDHOUND icon and click on it.
  4. After clicking on it, accept the terms and conditions .
  5. After installation app icon will be visible on the home screen of bluestack.
  6. Click on the icon of SOUNDHOUND and enjoy your browsing on your PC’s and laptops.

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Soundhound for PC is totally a new concept and a very innovative one. Now just a hum and you have all the required information of your song in your hand. One thing I have to say technology indeed is very powerful tool if used properly.